Le’Veon Bell to skip training camp again

Running back Le’Veon Bell didn’t get the long-term deal he was hoping for, and he apparently isn’t going to put in any extra time.

According to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN.com, Bell’s plan at the moment is to skip training camp but be ready for the regular season.

There’s also no plan to skip regular season games, likely because doing so would be forfeiting $852,000 a week and his quest for more money isn’t furthered by leaving piles of it on the table.

Brian Billick: Randall had gone through a personal conversion, a very strong faith-based conversion, as had Cris Carter. They had turned their lives around. The team was very grounded in that way.

Faith can be divisive. I’ve been on teams where that competing faith can be a problem, but no, Randall and Cris were very strong in their faith, and they weren’t forcing it on others. It created a calm in their personal life.

Randall Cunningham: When we would go out of town, yeah, we’re playing football but [the team chaplain] would take me in the streets. We’d go to the mall, we’d go walking, and if there was someone in need of ministry, that became our focal point. It allowed me to relax and help someone who was less fortunate.

During a March visit to PFT Live, Steelers G.M. Kevin Colbert didn’t rule out the possibility of rescinding the tender. While that seemed more like a standard we can’t rule out anything-type of a comment, it’s now a relevant consideration for the Steelers, who may not be willing to pay Bell that much money for one final season, especially if he’s not going to show up until six days before it begins.

Coincidentally (or not), Mark Kaboly of TheAthletic.com noted on Monday that popular second-year tailback James Conner was solid in the offseason program and looks like he can be a solid every-down back in this league. For the Steelers, it’s got be tempting to consider embracing Conner and his $578,000 salary for the entire year over Bell’s $852,000 for each and every week.

Or how about this possibility? Pair Conner with someone like, say, Adrian Peterson. Or DeMarco Murray. (That retirement would end quickly if the Steelers call.) Or Alfred Morris. Or some other veteran tailback who has proven that he can get it done. Whatever the on-field production, the cost would surely be much less than the combined $15 million that will be paid to Bell and Conner.

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